Benefits of Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics help in
providing relief for painful foot problems or an injury, especially for
those who must walk, or stand excessively on the job or in every day

The mechanical properties  of the Custom Foot Orthotic help to
maintain the normal positioning of the bones in the foot, the joints in
the ankle and knees leading up to the hips and lower back. The muscles
and ligaments holding these bones in their intended anatomical positions
are prevented from over stretching and becoming lax over time.

With enough functional correction from a Custom Foot Orthotic, the
foot structure can be aligned to give more propulsion, making walking,
running and even cycling more efficient biomechanically.

Along with aligning the foot structure, the Custom Foot Orthotic
reduces muscular fatigue and helps to promote more efficient muscle
performance thus enhancing performance during the gait cycle.

Below is an example of a foot without the corrective support of an
orthotic and then another example of the same foot with a Custom Made
Foot Orthotic from POL correcting and supporting the foot. Notice the
difference a well made Custom Foot Orthotic makes!