Proper Use and Care of your Custom Foot Orthotics

Prescribed Custom Foot Orthotics are designed to change the way you
walk. As your new foot Orthotics interact with your bone structure
forcing your feet and legs into proper alignment, care must be taken
when first wearing your new prescribed Foot Orthotics.

They may feel uncomfortable when worn at first but with time this will change.

Your Orthotics will feel more comfortable and you will become more accustomed to the support they provide.

Once you have received your Prescribed Custom Foot Orthotics, please
follow these following guidelines when introducing their functionality
into your body’s alignment.

Initially wear your new Orthotics for approximately one (1) hour the
first day, two (2) hours the second day, three (3) hours the third day,
and so on. Follow this until you are able to accommodate to them for a
full work day of 8- 10 hours. Note if your Orthotics are extremely
uncomfortable when wearing them before the time period of break-in, stop
wearing them that day and start from day one (1) the following day.

Remember that some individuals adjust and accommodate more quickly than others.

Some people report mild aches and pains at the beginning of their
initial Orthotic wear. These discomforts can occur in the legs, knees
and lower back. Usually this is merely an indication that your Orthotics
are working. Your skeletal posture has been conditioned to accommodate
feet that do not function properly, and now it may need time to readjust
to correct posture positioning. These aches are usually transitory and
disappear in the short term.

Your choice in footwear may also affect the way your Orthotics fit and perform.

Shoes with a shallower heel seat or lower heel counter may cause you to experience heel slippage.
footwear would have a deeper heel seat and higher heel counter.
Removable inner liners are excellent as this facilitates more room in
the shoe once removed.

If your Orthotics squeaks, try applying a small amount of baby powder
in your shoes or apply wood furniture polish spray to the underside of
the orthotic plastic shell. This eliminates the problem until the
Orthotics have seated into your footwear.

Once your Foot Orthotics have been dispensed to you, it is possible
that they may need adjustments and/or modifications. This is
particularly due to change in the volume of your foot due to swelling or
atrophy, footwear selection or your body’s response to the corrected
position. Premier Orthotics Lab will work closely with your Foot care
Practitioner to help alleviate any of these issues.

From time to time Clinical/Technical staff at Premier Orthotics Lab
are consulted on information and recommendations on your particular case
and findings from clinical assessments. The suggestions that may be
offered for your Practitioners consideration are meant only to provide
feedback, awareness of options unique to your case to help facilitate
your Practitioners management of care for your feet, legs, hip and back.
Premier Orthotics Lab in no way offers an implied or expressed
acceptance of responsibility for the inappropriate presence or lack of
therapeutic outcome or patient intolerance of the Orthotics.

These steps are guidelines for your new Orthotics. All individuals are different and their requirements are unique. 

Always follow your Practitioners instructions and follow with them if you have any questions or concerns.