Premier’s Orthotic Process

In order for POL to supply you with a truly custom product, we first
receive a foam or plaster cast impression of your foot corrected in
sub-talar neutral.

Once your cast impression is received, we start our Quality Control process.

Your order and the selected materials and choice of correction as
well as shoe selections is confirmed by our dedicated and highly
competent customer service team.

Measurements of the cast are taken and marks are placed on the
negative cast impression to indicate bony prominences such as 1st met
head and 5th met head, navicular and sulcus line. The Calcaneous is
marked for mid line vertical and then a plaster positive mould is made
from the negative cast.

Process of pouring liquid plaster into plaster and foam negatives to make a plaster positive.

Once the plaster is cured, the negative mould is broken away and discarded. The  markings on the negative cast impression transfer onto the new plaster positive.

The rear foot and fore foot are corrected to lab evaluation or otherwise instructed via the prescription form (Rx form).

Once the plaster positive is corrected another Quality check is
performed including a complete evaluation of the cast dressing, rear
foot alignment, forefoot alignment in plane with the rearfoot and amount
of tissue expansion necessary.

The Rx form will indicate which types of materials to use in the fabrication process and any other special instructions.

The shell material selected will be heated and then vacuum moulded
following specific standards used at POL based on the material, its
thickness and overall desired effect of support required by the patient.

Plastic being heated according to specific standards.

Plaster corrected positive is ready for moulding of the shell in the vacuum former.

Plastic is placed over the positive.

Vacuum is applied and the table top platen cover bladder is drawn over
the plastic over the mould to form the desired shell shape and design.

The formed shell ready to be ground into shape to the foot and desired footwear.

The shell is shaped using various grinders and buffers

After the shells are ground, a third Quality check is performed. The
choice of material, the length of the shell, width of the shell, the
intrinsic and extrinsic posting of the shell, any shell modifications
and fitment into desired footwear are evaluated.

Shell evaluation to corrected positive.

Once passed, the order is then processed to select the desired soft materials required to finish the fabrication of the product.

The order is then in production for completion.

Desired soft materials are in the process of being applied to the shell.

Once the orthotic is finally put together, it is then shaped again to the desired foot bed , cleaned and polished. 

The order then goes through its final 4th Quality Control check.

The orthotic is evaluated on its cosmesis, functionality, performance, prescription order and all paper work, including labels.

The order proceeds to the shipping department to be packaged on its
way to the prescribing practitioner with any other product or materials

That’s the POL way; we have no scanners, no e-mailed in files of your
foot or an endless room of pre-fabricated Orthotics from another

It’s all done the old fashioned way, by hand and eye. That’s why we
are a 5-7 business day turnaround, not a 3 day or faster. At times we
may need 7-10 depending on the type of orthotic requested, as there is
more time involved in its creation.