The best foot orthotics labs can read and interpret foot contours quickly and correctly and dispose of the technology, tools, and equipment to manufacture the product specified. It needs to have the capacity for fast turnaround, so pain relief and treatment can begin as soon as possible. Needless to say, the lab should be accredited and accept insurance, ideally.

Prefabricated insoles or ready-to-wear orthotics can help achieve some correction, but they fall short of providing full treatment. Labs with the capabilities to produce custom orthotics provide the only means of optimal correction. Custom orthotics are shaped and designed according to the patient’s unique foot and its characteristics.

Last but not least, the lab should make orthotics from durable materials because foot problem treatment is not a short process by any means.

Fast turnaround

As noted, therapy and pain relief cannot start before the patient gets their orthotics. Prompt delivery is of paramount importance, although producing custom orthotics involves a lot of things and is not a simple process. The lab should be set up and organized in a way enabling quick production and supply. You shouldn’t have to wait more than a week between the exam and the delivery of the finished product.

Accreditation and insurance

Legitimate orthotics labs are accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC), the industry watchdog that sets standards. ABC accredits and certifies establishments that fulfill its education and skills criteria. The majority of insurance plans allow foot experts like podiatrists and chiropodists to prescribe and dispense orthotics. Most insurance providers will require a physician’s prescription for a pair of orthotic inserts before they offer coverage. The level of training the lab staff possesses is crucial here. This links to our next point.

Training and experience

There is simply no substitute for training, experience, and technical capabilities. The best orthotics labs, like Premier Orthotics Lab, employ exclusively experienced people who cooperate in providing prompt and reliable services to their end users and foot care professionals. Lab technicians who work carefully and are able to use their experience to resolve current issues are always a vital part of any healthcare organization. When it comes to foot orthotics, podiatrists and chiropodists are the best-trained healthcare practitioners. Their training and experience cover critical aspects like design, prescription, and troubleshooting if an issue occurs. This is not at focus only during college but also during continuing education.

Capacity to receive prescriptions in multiple formats

A dependable lab must be able to receive data from physicians and therapists in the format most suitable for the patient. This might involve fitting them with a plaster cast, making an impression of their feet in a foam box, or scanning their feet and sending the lab the image directly. Physicians and therapists have various circumstances to consider when evaluating and fitting a patient’s feet for orthotics. The technique they choose for fitting, whether it’s a scan, a plaster cast, or a foam impression, depends on the situation. The best orthotics lab can accommodate the most common and effective approaches and techniques.

Ability to retrieve and archive prescriptions

This is not a must, but a lab that can retrieve and store previous prescriptions can definitely be very helpful to the physicians and therapists who work with it. It’s convenient to have archives as a backup. What’s more, they provide historical data that can help with items and prescriptions that are currently being worked on.

Qualified staff

To maintain the highest professional standards, quality orthotics labs like Premier Orthotics Lab employ and train certified orthotists and pedorthists with top skills. They are not only skilled in recognizing biomechanical issues but also in the manufacture of the highest-quality custom orthotics. Orthotists are professionals who specialize in prescription orthotics production, while pedorthists can adapt orthotic devices to unique foot conditions.

3D Orthotic Insoles

Different, high-quality materials

Orthotics are designed to fulfill a wide variety of goals, which range from better athletic performance and biomechanical control to accommodation, comfort, and correction of foot problems. Obviously, the choice of materials used to make a product designed to support and help treat your feet cannot be made easily. There are thousands of materials and combinations of materials to choose from. The best orthotics labs are experienced in choosing materials that perform most effectively under the conditions in which the inserts are worn.

High-quality services

Skilled and knowledgeable orthotics labs like Premier Orthotics combine impressive abilities with a high level of service to end users and professionals. The level of services offered is unique to every lab. When looking for the best lab for your needs, seek out one that gives customer relationships a very high priority. Quality services will enhance your experience with the lab and probably improve the quality of the items you receive.

Comprehensive, in-depth medical exams

All the professionals associated with Premier Orthotics Lab provide gait analysis and other comprehensive exams, both weight-bearing and non-weight bearing. They will provide appropriate advice depending on your circumstances. Resources like expertise, experience, and quality services are hard to come by today. A reliable orthotics lab will process different prescriptions for multiple conditions, some of which are quite rare. Suppose you are lucky enough to find an orthotics lab with friendly, competent, and helpful staff. In that case, you will have an imperative set of resources available to you, including additional solutions and advice. These will often come at no added cost.

Why Premier Orthotics Lab?

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